Custom board


NOBU(North Ocean Blue)

Full order
Special surfboard
High-technology air brush design
After-sales service

= Surfboard price (excluding tax) =

■Short board (~6.8feet)
78,000 yen
■Fan board (~8.6feet)
98,000 yen
■Long board (9 feet and)
128,000 yen

= Option price (excluding tax) =

■Color or pin line other (one color)
3,000 yen -
(Fluorescent color Tinto Pigment camouflage the UP charge)
■Bottom rail design
1,500 yen -
(Special channel or wing, etc.)
■Fin (usually FCS k3 fin)
· FCS 5 fin 5,000 yen UP
· FUTURE 3 fin 2,000 yen UP
· FUTURE 5 fin 6,000 yen UP
※ The above is the price of the fin box. Fin is not included.